Your Class, Engaged


The graph video below shows our Alert feature in action. Students have the option of expressing their confusion during class on their device. We aggregate this data, and alert the teacher when their custom threshold of live student confusion is reached. 


Our Ask feature not only allows students to ask questions they have during class, but also up vote their peers’ questions. On the teacher’s dashboard, instructors are shown the most up voted questions, showing them where their class’s knowledge gap lies. Questions are aggregated using our proprietary question similarity algorithm, cutting down on potential question clutter due to high volumes of questions.


Using our Assess feature, teachers can pose multiple choice or free response questions to their students. For multiple choice questions, teachers can see a live histogram of student responses. In free response questions,  students can up vote on each other’s responses, giving the instructor valuable insight into their comprehension of the course materials. We've also found this to be an excellent method to crowdsource opinions on subjective matters.