Scholar: The First Truly Intelligent Classroom App


At CrowdConnect, we've melded together state of the art, post-modern technologies to create our newest product, Scholar.

We're taking "smart" products to the next level, introducing machine learning and natural language processing, to conferences, talks, and classrooms.

We wrap these technologies into an intuitive, adaptive and easy to use application that will effectively transform your unwieldy crowd into an intimate, interactive, and productive group. 



Your Class, Engaged



Alert gives agency to your students, letting them express confusion about the material you’re presenting with the press of a single button on their device. Across your entire class, this data is aggregated, and you’ll be discreetly alerted when a certain threshold of button presses is crossed, giving you valuable insight into real-time comprehension.



Your students can intuitively and easily ask questions concerning your material, and each one can see and upvote questions they identify with. You can view the most upvoted questions to see where your audience is having trouble with the presented material.



If you want to poll or evaluate your students, you can do so with either multiple choice or free response questions. If you choose to employ a free response evaluation, students can upvote answers they believe are correct, similarly to the “Ask” feature. This not only allows you to individually evaluate your class as it pertains to your material, but gives you insight into which free response answers they believe are the best answers your question.